Success Coaching + Tennis Lessons

We are ready to serve up some fun on the tennis court!

In partnership with T.R.I.N.I.T.Y. Success Coaching, Our 6-week summer program is designed exclusively for youth! Whether your child is a complete beginner or already has some tennis experience, our program will cater to all skill levels for youth ages 11-17. Click here to learn more.

During the summer months, our exclusive 1:1 tennis lessons are offered alongside Success Coaching. Our dedicated tennis instructors will create a safe and engaging environment for all participants. The sessions cover fundamental techniques such as forehand, backhand, and serving, and also dive into building mental resilience and coping skills. Success Coaching participants can enjoy a limited number of 30-minute one-on-one tennis sessions each week throughout the 6-week summer program, subject to availability.

Key Program Highlights:

Whether your child dreams of becoming the next tennis superstar or simply wants to have fun on the court, our group tennis lessons are the perfect choice. So, grab your racquet, put on your tennis shoes, stay in touch, and let's ace this together!